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Upscale your Image

 7 Steps to De-clutter Your Closet

More about Marcella Scherer

Marcella Scherer is an expert in her industry with over 30 years’ experience transforming the lives of others from head to toe and inside and out. As a certified image consultant, Marcella works with clients to align their inner essence with their outer presence to shift their mindset, confidence, credibility, radiance and financial success.

She takes the guess work of what to wear and how to present themselves in their full power with the ABCD’s of their Image; Appearance, Behavior, Communication and Digital Presence. Marcella works with professional speakers, authors, coaches and C-suite executives and uses her experience as a ballet dancer, fashion buyer and top producer of developing a team of over 7000 consultants and 18 high level leaders in the direct selling industry.

As a multi-million dollar earner, she is an expert at leadership and coaching others to step into their full potential and passionate about the shift her clients experience as a result. She is a sought after professional speaker, coach, corporate trainer and bestselling author. She has been featured on CNN, NBC News, Channel 12, ESPN, Kiplinger’s Report and the Palm Beach Post. She loves nature, travel and snow skiing.